Thursday, 1 March 2012

Open the pod bay doors HAL. Nasa loses International space station control codes

Yeah! Title. So Nasa lost (source) 5408 Laptops betwen 2010/2011 (they're not behind the couch, or on eBay, one of which contained the algorithms used to control the ISS, that's the International Space Station. How long before HAL refuses to open the pod bay doors and Sir Roger Moore is forced to blast off in a discontued space shuttle to defeat Sir (but not really) Hugo Drax? Wait, I'm confusing films again.

Sir Roger Moore, aged 52. Let's see if you look this good after so many years preparing quiche!

In reference to Stanley Kubrick's wee film 2001 I leave you with an IBM computer from 1961 singing "Daisy Bell" by Harry Dacre. It may sound synthetic but nowhere near as forced/false as Coldplay:

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  1. The singing computer was just right for that time - just before the Beatles changed everything.
    As for Big Roger - not the man!
    There was never a Bond like Big Tam - Sean Connery to you.