Saturday, 3 March 2012

PS3 - YLOD - Repair - The reflow

In order to reflow a yellow light of death Playstation 3 you're going to need a heat gun capable of 350 oC. I'd been looking at the Einhell BT-HA 2000, A 2000 Watt heat gun, with two modes mode one at temperature 350 oC, mode two is 550oC. Also included is various attachments, a paint stripping tool and a carry case.

I managed to pick this one up from a home bargains shop close by for £14.99, which is half the price the same model is on

Einhell BT-HA 2000 heat gun
The areas you need to reflow are marked in the red circles

PS3 GPU and CPU top
PS3 CPU and GPU bottom
Clean the thermal compound off the CPU and GPU. I've read that you want to heat these areas with a circular motion for between 15-30 seconds. Once you've done one side do not move the board for 15 minutes. After this time flip it over and reflow the areas on the other side.

So did it work? Well I can't find my thermal compound to re apply to the GPU and CPU before reassembly. I think I may have left it at my folks when fixing a Samsung netbook. Stay tuned for results at a later date.

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