Monday, 27 February 2012 - packaging and delivery fail.

Late last week my dad's graphics card failed, so I ordered a replacement. The card which failed was a Nvidia 8800gt 256MB. The replacement I ordered was an ATI Radeon 7750 1GB. My dad does some light gaming but mainly graphics editing, standard desktop application use and some video work, so for the price the ATI card was a good deal.

Shortly after ordering I received an email from telling me that the order had been shipped, the courier was DHL and a tracking number was provided. 

When I went to the DHL site their tracking system didn't recognise the reference number dabs provided.

Later that afternoon a package arrived at work, from Yodel, not DHL as dabs would have had me believe.

The graphics card with packaging measures 23.5x19x7.5cm, the box which arrived at work measured 49x59x30cm. What a crazy waste of packaging and space while in transit.

Wait, that's not a real woman!


Don't worry, I recycled the packaging and have made Dabs aware of the multi fail.

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  1. Dabs? I'm surprised you used Dabs. I had a terrible experience using Dabs a few years ago. I bought a lasre printer. It arrived and when I opened it up I found the toner cartridge was missing. There was nobody to talk to about this. It took over a month to get my money back - they refused to send me a toner cartridge. I stopped using them then.