Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Raspberry Pi - Launch day?

So it's 5:56am, like many other people I set my alarm early to try and order a Raspberry Pi device. A $35 single board computer, ARM CPU, 256MB RAM, SD Card slot, HDMI and RCA output. There are two models A and B, the latter having an Ethernet port and two USB ports.

I've been following the ongoing saga, development issues and production setbacks for some time now, I've got some interesting plans for these devices.

A far cry from the Amstrad CPC 464 :)
There'd been a lot of buzz on the Raspberry Pi forums of late, a post recently on the site telling people expect an announcement. Many people, myself included expected to be able to order one of the first batch today, however the plan now seems to be to register your interest via Farnell or RS. Both sites are now flat lining under the load.

Just checked the BBC news site, they published a story at 6:01

Hang on in there folks, back to bed for me.

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